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Paris Accord

On December 11, 2015, one hundred, ninety-five nations entered into an Environmental Accord that commits every country to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. The diplomats involved agreed that bold steps are necessary to minimize the effects greenhouse gases are having on our planet. Unlike earlier pacts, the agreement reached in Paris applies to all countries.

There are no exemptions for developing countries such as China and India. The Paris Accord requires action from every country. The diplomats and scientists involved in the Paris Accord agreed that it represents the best hope of averting the most devastating effects of a warming planet.

The scientists involved in reaching the Paris Accord agreed that it will not solve, global warming. Unfortunately, the deal will likely only reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by about half of what is needed to stop the 3.6° F atmospheric temperature rise that will cause devastating consequences, such as rising sea levels, severe droughts and flooding, widespread food, energy and water shortages and more destructive storms.

However, it is a start; the world is now, more than ever, ready for the “SeaDog Wave Pump, Fulcrum Wave Pump and Fulcrum Pond Pounders along with its Artificial Head Systems”.

SeaDog Wave Pump technology arrived before the world understood the devastating effects of greenhouse gases from the use of fossil fuels that pollute the earth. The world now understands that this has to stop and that zero emission sources of energy “must be developed”.

SeaDog Systems clearly understood these problems well before others as the development of our technology demonstrates.

Now that the world has realized what we realized long ago, it is time to deploy the SeaDog Wave Pump, Fulcrum Wave Pump and Fulcrum Pond Pounders along with its Artificial Head Systems to save the world from the ruinous effects of the path it has been on for far too long.

In the late spring of 2015, realizing the fate of their investments in INRI and its sister companies and the down time from going to market with their technologies, Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Steve Keinath, and Jim Perryman decided to evaluate the viability of recovering their investments and the technologies involved.

To do this, they agreed to spend up to $100,000 to confirm or disprove the value of these technologies in today’s market. In May 2015, they researched who were the world’s alternative energy market providers and end users. Once identified, they started communicating with them.

They met with engineering firms and used internet resources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, AngelList and YouTube to research the alternative energy market providers and end users.

Their activities included joining chat rooms, discussion groups and posting articles to get feedback from industry professionals, such as developers, funders, researchers, scientists, manufactures and end users.

After spending over a thousand hours of communicating with government officials and industry leaders it was apparent, that climate change was going to drive alternative energy products as a primary direction for our future.

In addition, their research revealed wave, tidal and ocean current technologies would play a large role in this new future.

After thoroughly analyzing this information, they grew firmly convinced that the SeaDog Wave Pump and its related technologies were viable and in demand as a renewable energy products.

This was confirmed by the number of requests they received from companies inquiring about using or manufacturing the SeaDog Wave Pump and from countries requesting deployment of systems for pumping, freshwater and energy to forward their agenda to become part of the solution.

Their last test was to engage funders, manufactures and representatives to participate. They chose to invest the last of their funds dedicated for this research in this direction by accepting an invitation to come to Indonesia and collaborate with funding, and manufacturing entities along with governmental representatives.

In the first part of December of 2015, Kenneth W. Welch Jr. and Steven W. Keinath took up an invitation to Jakarta, to discuss the technologies they have invented, with high-ranking members of the Indonesian government, manufacturers representing Indonesia, Malaysia, India, South Vietnam and Singapore. In addition to numerous parties involved in improving the quality of life in this fourteen, thousand island country.

Indonesia and all of these countries are plagued with pollution. The waters within Jakarta were literally full of trash and its air was suffocating. The Indonesian officials they met with were very receptive to the SeaDog Wave Pump and related technologies, but in later meetings with lower ranking officials, it soon became apparent that corruption is a daily way of life; implementing systems there would not be something they would be interested in doing. Nevertheless, there are many companies there, which would.

In preparing for their trip to Indonesia, they investigated the current costs of manufacturing a SeaDog pump. In addition, before going to Jakarta, it was clear, that a condition of the Indonesian Government implementing this technology would include an agreement to manufacture the devices locally in their country. They also learned while there, the Indonesian Government wished to have the products manufactured in their country for export to other countries.

In light of all of this information and news, they formed SeaDog Systems, Inc. in order to combine their technologies and funding, create a go to market strategy and program, to develop and field test commercial products for market.

SeaDog Systems, Inc. was formed, from the unanimous belief that the SeaDog Wave Pump, Fulcrum Wave Pump and Fulcrum Pond Pounders along with its Artificial Head Systems would revolutionize the way renewable wave technologies are constructed and deployed to provide profitable, clean wave powered pumping systems to the world.