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Harnessing Wave Power for the World!

SeaDog Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the SeaDog Wave Pump and its related technologies, products and accessories. By efficiently harnessing the inherent natural power of waves and currents, SeaDog Systems’ suite of technologies and products generate renewable, baseload electrical power, produce abundant freshwater and provide extraordinary gas and liquid pumping solutions.

SeaDog Wave Pump arrays can be located offshore, at the shoreline and even deep inland! Multiple or stand-alone systems can also be attached to bridge pilings, piers, docks and even the sides of ships, features which provide unmatched versatility. SeaDog Wave Pumps are also capable of pumping gas and liquids great distances. In addition, promising research is currently being done using SeaDog Pumps as propulsion for surface and subsurface craft.

Nature provides the power that fuels all of SeaDog Systems’ innovative technologies, making them renewable, sustainable, emission free and the type of infrastructure-level technologies that can carry humanity well into the future!

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