Sustainable Energy Systems

SeaDog Systems, Inc. is proud to present its wave powered energy technologies that drive its vision of sustainable infrastructure development. Modern civilization requires enormous amounts of energy, freshwater and the ability to deliver those commodities to where they are most needed.


The days of fossil fuels are numbered and the world is searching for renewable and sustainable solutions. Unsettling predictions of increasing demand for electricity and freshwater worldwide over the next twenty years cannot be met by fossil fuels or nuclear alone.


Wind and solar cannot begin to meet this increased demand.  In addition, the increased emissions created by fossil fueled or nuclear solutions to this expected increase in demand will prove to be devastating to all life forms on planet Earth.


Most renewable energy technologies are unreliable due to the intermittent nature of their respective fuel sources. Wind turbines and solar are often matched with natural gas or diesel powered plants that are fired up to provide power when the wind stops and the sun doesn’t shine.


With the prices of alternative energy already typically higher than traditional methods, the necessity to maintain a redundant capacity only increases the true cost.


Waves, on the other hand, are typically far more consistent, predictable and reliable.


Consequently, SeaDog Systems’ suite of wave powered technologies uses the natural properties of buoyancy and displacement to pump gas or liquid to nearly any pressure. This pressurized gas or liquid is extremely useful in innumerable applications including electrical power generation, desalinization of water, air circulation, energy storage and even propulsion with minimal conversion losses.


After performing its primary task, some of the energy utilized by these systems can even be recovered and reapplied to the system.


Together, these technologies are capable of producing base-load energy on a small footprint with zero carbon emissions. SeaDog Systems, Inc. has changed the game of sustainable infrastructure development and unlocked the reality of a new, renewable future for humanity… Globally!