SeaDog Systems, Inc.’s Hydro-Driven Technologies portfolio represents an entire suite of proprietary apparatuses, methods and systems. Each provides extraordinary flexibility and cost-effective pumping resources that represent solutions for a wide variety of industries.

These revolutionary Hydro-Driven Technologies feature modular pumps and compressors that provide extreme pumping functionality with both gases and liquids. Pumping systems can scale in size from those that simply power air tools to infrastructure-sized machines supplying both liquids and gases at nearly any volume and pressure to be connected to end-user applications.

Such applications will include a turbine for electrical generation, a reverse-osmosis membrane for water desalination or a series of long-distance fluid lines or aqueducts to be powered and fed by the incremental push generated by the waves flowing through the SeaDog Wave Pump.

Compression stages combine to optimize efficiency over a wide range of output pressures, flow rates and distances. End-user application demand can even be satisfied on-site hundreds of miles inland.

The unmatched versatility of Hydro-Driven Technologies and its SeaDog Pumps reduces costs for the end-user. The elegantly-simple design allows a single machine to meet the needs of a wide range of pumping applications with fewer moving parts and very low maintenance costs. The cost avoidance presented by this range of products makes it an immediately-marketable and valuable product line.

Most importantly, SeaDog Systems’ Hydro-Driven Technologies present another critical key to providing a new type of sustainable and renewable infrastructure-level pumping systems and solutions, which will serve humanity well into the future by providing desalinated water, power and irrigation solutions worldwide!