SeaDog Wave Converter Carousels

Supplies abundant drinking water and power for offshore or shore-based primary energy systems along with grid scale freshwater distribution…

This dynamic on-demand water and energy system should be and will be used by future generations as a true life support system for mankind… Fulfilling the planetary dream of abundant energy and water!

As we enter into the 21st Century and dive into the wave of tomorrow’s dream the world will see the true power and genius of the duality of such a flexible and feasible grid system.

SeaDog’s vision in offering this scalable, simplistic and durable wave converter system will bring about an entirely new direction in sustainability, reliability and ingenuity in two key areas of our Future Water and Power.

Third Party Evaluation

The Fuel Cost Required to Produce Electricity with Wind/Solar and Fossil Fuel Systems Including Nuclear


"Wave Energy Carousels Non-Fuel Systems"

 A Future without “Pumped Hydro” with the development of SeaDog’s Artificial Head System

Taking the hill and the reservoir out of the equation offering portable, stationary or sunken hydro storage…