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As wave energy comes ashore, a new era of sustainable and environmentally responsible infrastructure development begins. The world’s ever increasing demand for base-load electrical power generation and freshwater production are two incredibly critical problems that must be solved in order to even begin to provide a life of abundance for all.
SeaDog Systems, Inc. was formed on February 23, 2016 and acquired the intellectual property related to its current suite of technologies. SeaDog Systems immediately engaged in consulting contracts with several key partners that possess the determination, abilities and resources to bridge the gap between SeaDog Systems’ vision and reality. A unique team has committed itself to this mission.

Our Core Team

Kenneth W. Welch, Jr

He is an accomplished inventor, a successful entrepreneur and an award-winning marketer.

All of Mr. Welch’s inventions over his career play a key role in his larger dream of revolutionizing the world’s infrastructure for our children’s children.

James L. Perryman

Mr. Perryman has been intimately involved in the creation and development of all of Mr. Welch’s patents over thirty years. He has served as a jack-of-all-trades to guarantee that none of the project’s needs ever went unmet.

Steven Keinath

Mr. Keinath’s expert-level carpentry skills have compelled him to roll-up his sleeves during the construction of the Crystal Quest IV. He has been an absolutely vital component of our success by contributing in the areas of corporate strategy, marketing and funding.

Jeff Donchez

Jeff, a US Navy veteran, specializes in LAMP/WAMP development and administration. His knowledge of hardware, networks, software and graphics have been greatly valued for over 25 years.

Laura Taylor

Laura has sustained a relationship with us for over 20 years, after proudly serving in the US Navy and more than adequately satisfies all of our graphic design, branding and marketing needs.

Gerardo Cambronero

Gerardo plays an integral role in the development of technologies by supporting various areas such as computer-aided-drawing (CAD), technical writing for patent filings, manufacturing, and prototyping construction and testing.