Company Focus

Developing Nature’s Forces
Producing The World’s Energy & Water

As wave energy comes ashore, a new era of sustainable and environmentally responsible infrastructure development begins.  The world’s ever increasing demand for base-load electrical power generation and freshwater production are two incredibly critical problems that must be solved in order to even begin to provide a life of abundance for all.

SeaDog Systems, Inc. has developed proprietary infrastructure level technologies that make this dream a reality by efficiently harnessing and developing the massive amounts of naturally occurring potential energy inherent in swells and waves found in bodies of water the world over.

The SeaDog Wave Pump stands as the core of SeaDog Systems, Inc.’s suite of sustainable infrastructure technologies.  Simply put, the SeaDog Wave Pump is an ingenious wave driven water pump powered by the natural up and down motion of waves and swells.  That natural up and down motion provides the SeaDog Wave Pump no-cost, emission-free, renewable and permanently sustainable fuel harvested from the incredible quantity of potential energy available in nature’s waves.  SeaDog Wave Pumps use that fuel to pump enormous volumes of water at desired pressure. This pressurized water can then be put to work in hundreds of useful applications.

The wonderful harnessing of nature’s forces with SeaDog Wave Pump systems provides abundant, renewable and emission free electrical energy and desalinated water production for entire cities and regions.

Enormous volumes of water at pressure can be directed through hydroelectric turbines to generate base-load electrical power.  Additionally, similar volumes of salt water can be sufficiently pressurized and directed to flow through R/O membranes to produce vast quantities of desalinated water for human or agricultural use without creating devastating brine concentrations common with conventional desalination processes.  SeaDog Wave Pump breakthroughs can even deliver that water over great distances via pipeline or aqueducts, if desired.  The water can be desalinated or used for electrical power generation, or both, on demand.

It is clear that our world is facing momentous challenges, from the ever increasing demand for more renewable, clean base-load electrical production and freshwater, to innovative and integrated infrastructure-level solutions to transportation, propulsion and diversified delivery systems.

Over a decade in the making, the SeaDog Wave Pump coupled with a variety of proprietary systems, developed by SeaDog Systems, Inc., is capable of cost effectively providing all of the above. In fact, if properly deployed at sufficient scale SeaDog Wave Pump “farms” could actually double the world’s total electrical production without great difficulty.

SeaDog Systems, Inc.’s primary “focus” is to provide its sustainable infrastructure systems, products and accessories to interested parties the world over.