Energy Sector Secrets & Innovative-Large Scale Solutions Presented At The ESI Summit June 17-19 2022

A special thanks to Henosis Foundation and Daniel de Castellane, CEO and his wonderful staff for putting this Event on…

Also big thanks to the extraordinary talent for participating: Miss Jackie Evancho and Miss Benedetta Caretta, for all their beautiful songs and performances! After the recent success of the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ESI) Summit presented by Henosis Foundation, many in the media, technology and business sector have been abuzz with the new information shared with those present at this prestigious event. The summit, which assembled influential leaders in the energy and infrastructure industries, discussed big-picture solutions in the energy sector, one such challenge being the immediate need for innovative, deployable, and commercially feasible alternative energy solutions. The attendees of the summit were left with the divine energy that is emanated when heroic leaders come together with the shared goal of transforming the world.


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