Jeff Donchez

Jeff, a US Navy veteran, specializes in LAMP/WAMP development and administration. His services are greatly valued by Global Oceanic Designs.

He is the owner of LuckDragon Enterprises, a premier programming and website design company. As a programmer extraordinaire since his youth, Mr. Donchez has never throttled his thirst for knowledge. He has learned to program in 27 languages in his more than 35 years of experience in the field.

Mr. Donchez is co-author of six internet-related technology patents with Mr. Welch and has handled all of his programming needs for more than 21 years. He ascended through our ranks from basic programmer to Chief Technology Officer.

More About Jeff

In Addition to LuckDragon Enterprises, Jeff and his wife are owners of Yin-Yang Sweets & Treats, a home-based baking business specializing in alcohol infused cupcakes.

His other passion, which he has more recently converted into a “side business” is pumpkin carving.  Specializing in “foamkins” (which look like real pumpkins, but can last forever), he has carved some very intricate designs and also does custom work as well.

Some carving examples