SeaDog Systems is Closing in on Testing…

A Quick Look at Global’s X-Wave Facility Nearing Completion! Along With SeaDog’s Newly Restored Commercial Pumps… … Located In the Middle Of the X-Wave Pool … After almost a year of restoration and equipment upgrades, SeaDog Systems’ Pumps are almost ready to test at Global’s new X-WAVE pool facility. The facility has gone through an […]

Global Oceanic Designs’ New Sister Property – Restoration Begins

SeaDog Systems, Inc. To Use Global’s Wave Testing Facility  In late February of 2016, SeaDog Systems, Inc. became aware that the abandoned INRI wave pool facility would be sold at auction at the Montgomery County Courthouse.  The property was purchased at that auction by a family trust and Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. acting in his […]

SeaDog Systems, Inc. – Product Testing

SeaDog Systems, Inc. Prototypes & Prototype Testing Over Nearly a Decade The prototype testing conducted at Texas A&M University’s Offshore Technology Research Center (OTRC) wave pool confirmed that the SeaDog Wave Pump had practical uses and justified ocean trials. The second SeaDog Wave Pump, a one-fifth scale prototype was designed, built and placed off the east […]